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Brisbane/Meanjin born, London based songwriter MF Tomlinson “seems to use music as a means to excavate within the soul” — Clash. Primarily a storyteller, MF Tomlinson negotiates acid folk, alt country, chamber pop to create a singular presence that defies categorisation. He achieves this with the a group of collaborators he lovingly calls the “the MFs, because they’re all very talented motherfuckers.”  

We Are Still Wild Horses is the second album from MF Tomlinson

“In the darkest months of winter, I felt these worlds open up within me. In them, I walked free through sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrifying, uninhabited landscapes that teetered on the edge of nothingness. As you listen, maybe you’ll recognize yourself as that solitary figure on the abyss. This is the sister record of Strange Time - another diary of a plague year. It is of a time but I do not think it is tied to it. In the end, we will always feel despair, disillusionment, hope, longing, insanity, rage, frustration, helplessness, and resignation. Through all of that, we are still wild horses.” MF Tomlinson

“Unbeatable lyricism and idyllic arrangements” - Wax Magazine

We Are Still Wild Horses is out on PRAH Recordings on the 17th of February 2023. A limited pressing of vinyl is available for pre order on Bandcamp and a special edition is available from Rough Trade.

The painting that is the albums cover by Chiara Baima Poma is entitled "Mettere troppa carne al fuoco" or "To put to much meat on fire" and is the painters response to the ‘wild primitive energy’ released in the albums final movement. The sleeve also features the photography of Andrea Zvadova.

We Are Still Wild Horses is a film directed by Daisy JT Smith. Created to stand as a sister work - a ‘living, breathing embodiment of the album’ the piece will be released in four parts and combines dance, theatre, and film and features the performance of Jem Bentham.