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MF Tomlinson has shared new track 'Strange Time'.

The project is rooted in the imagination of Michael Tomlinson, a London-based Australian singer-songwriter whose work connects on a deeper level.

An artist who seems to use music as a means to excavate within the soul, MF Tomlinson charts his personal growth on an incoming full length.

Out next year, 'Strange Time' is his broadest, most in-depth document yet, one that represents a surge in creative energy.

He comments: "Lots of things started to click, not just in terms of the songs but on a deeper level - it was a time of immense growth as a writer. I felt a new level of freedom in the music I was making."

We're able to share the title track, a work of delicate assurance that finds MF Tomlinson reaching towards unknowable truths.

As he puts it: "I'm trying to fathom the tragedy now and hereafter..."

Tune in now.